Wondering who we are?

Diane Rivers and Marie Shepherd

Diane Rivers (L) and Marie Shepherd (R)

Marie Shepherd (right) served as a GroupLife pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in the Chicago suburbs, with direct pastoral responsibility for single adults and single parent ministries.  She has over 22 years experience teaching and developing curriculum for singles on topics ranging from Christian living and spiritual formation to dating, conflict resolution and single parenting. She counsels and celebrates singles throughout their journeys and has unwavering confidence in the value of every stage of life.

Diane Rivers (left) is an author, blogger, poet – and a retired FBI agent.  She was a senior volunteer and lay leader at Willow Creek for many years and did a stint as a volunteer writer with the Willow Creek Association while single-parenting her now-grown daughter. Her passion for singles and single parents still burns white-hot. She is currently self-employed as a corporate security consultant. In addition to “SingleMatters”, she blogs about “Life As A Workaround” at http://www.dianerivers.me. You can follow her on Twitter: @dsrevir.

In their personal time, Marie and Diane are co-authoring a book with real stories and practical tips to help singles experience the full value of the life God has given them now.  For now they are calling it “Keepers: Seeing Singles As God Does” They also post regular short devotionals and other singles-related content on Twitter at: @singlematters.

Marie and Diane collaborated on writing and producing “Finding Hope After Your Loss”, a booklet created to answer difficult questions asked by the grieving.  It can now be found on the Willow Creek website.


4 Responses to Wondering who we are?

  1. fcbs3 says:

    Just found your blog and read lots of it. Wonder if there are other never married older singles out there. Even my single friends have family.. kids and grandkids. As I approach 70, I find less and less fellowship. I continue to work full time in Christian ministry, but am slowing down and needing to make decisions about my future. I don’t find much that is relevant and/ or helpful. In spite of the fact that my life is full and very busy I am often lonely.

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  3. Nirav Thakkar says:

    I really like this blog! I would love to follow you both! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

    • Glad you find it worthwhile! To follow the blog, just click on that button in the right hand column at the top that says “follow blog via email” and you’re in! Thanks for your encouragement ~ hope we can encourage you regularly.

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